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Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership

The Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership (HARP) is the nexus for Hyperloop information, research, and stakeholder collaboration. HARP was formed to help the Hyperloop industry reach its potential of building a transportation system that is more efficient, sustainable, secure, connected, and resilient. Creation and operation of Hyperloop technology involves diverse stakeholders – from many industry sectors to all levels of government (local, state, regional, and national), to university research groups and individuals. HARP provides a framework for stakeholders to gather, share ideas, innovate, and collaborate in ways that support both individual and collective efforts to grow hyperloop capabilities.


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PlayMakerIQ is a new mobile-learning system. It transforms the creation, modification, and delivery of instructional content in the enterprise, making it more efficient, mobile, and effective. The PlayMakerIQ proposition has disruptive potential for any individual or businesses engaged in complex information transfer. It is poised to become the world’s default operating system for getting things done.




Zestful is a team activity marketplace for companies. Teams at Airbnb, Twitter, Zenefits, SenGrid and hundreds more book activities every month. Our site makes it easy for companies to browse hundreds of local activities, and handle everything from RSVPs, activity voting, vendor chat, and easy payment options.


Additional Competitors for the 2017 SIMTank to be announced soon!  

If you are interested in submitting your company for consideration, contact Bill Heuston at 303-506-7182 or bill.heuston@viawest.com