We received many great start up applications for our 2018 edition of SIM TANK and we want to recognize all the applicants for their effort! 

Our selection committee has selected the following 4 companies to pitch at the event in September. All the other applicants are invited to attend the event. Thank you to everyone!


Alpine Media Technology

Alpine MediaTech has developed the world’s only digital content delivery to ski chairlifts and gondolas to enable resort wide, real-time guest communication.


Career Allies

Currently in most organizations maternity leave is managed through HR. When a mom discloses that she is pregnant a supervisor will direct her to speak with, make arrangement with and deal with HR almost exclusively. The involvement of the supervisor is inconsistent, unsupported and not managed. Therefore, the mom and supervisor are left feeling unsupported, disorganized and frustrated. The opportunity for employers to manage this process better is immense. Retaining and engaging this talented pool of employees will be even more critical in the future as pressures to retain and develop women in organizations becomes more prudent.




Laborjack exists to solve one simple problem: manual labor help is difficult to find. The process in hiring workers is inconvenient and can be very time consuming. This is an issue for people who need help for a variety of manual labor tasks: moving, yard work, odd jobs, event setup, ect. Laborjack solves this problem with custom-built technology and a gig economy business model.


page dip


Pagedip is a new paradigm for digital documentation proven to drive reader engagement. Think “Augmented reality for documents”.  Organizations have great content but many of the tools to build collateral are outdated and don’t meet the needs of modern readers, after all the Microsoft suite of tools was conceived and developed before the world wide web!  Using Pagedip’s technology, it’s easy for content owners to embed additional material readers can access whenever they choose.


Thank you to the other companies who submitted applications to present:

Aerosol Devices

Big Bear Bats

Class Composer

Connected Nutrition