2016 – Winner:  Orderly

Orderly winner


Sirvo is a hiring and job-finding platform, applied to the food, beverage, and hospitality industries. Sirvo creates a talent network to connect employers and job seekers at all levels, so hiring can be both efficient and thorough. Our goal is to build a better way for service-based businesses to hire in the modern world.


The QuickZip Sheet Company has reinvented the fitted sheet.   After taking a look at the numerous challenges people endure with this universal product we use every day and the complaints and the public ridicule it provokes, we knew we could do better. Our patented sheet is quick to change, easy to fold, and secure – so it won’t pop off the mattress-  bringing peace and comfort, day and night – the Fitted Sheet 2.0. We started with crib sheets, and quickly, customers were begging for QuickZip for their own beds, for their RVs, and for their parents. Now, this award-winning product is available for all beds.  And we are just beginning;  we have new products in the pipeline and a patent pending on products that build off the QuickZip platform.  Join us, as we get into every bed in America.  #GetYourSheetTogether


Orderly helps employers save money and time by directing their employees to lowest cost options for healthcare using a smart text messaging platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. By aggregating multiple sources of individuals’ claims, benefits and spending data they drive insights that can help users become better consumers healthcare to save time and money while maximizing the value of their benefits. Think of it like texting an all-knowing HR representative that never needs to eat or sleep.

 2015 – Winner: Notion



We created Notion because, like you, we want to know with certainty that everything is ok in our homes, or know immediately when things are not as they should be. We live in a connected world, and we believe there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to know when important things happen in our homes.


The Dizzion [rhymes with vision] Cloud Delivered Desktop service is built on enterprise technology that includes infrastructure, software licensing, management, support and security for a monthly fee.

Dizzion is bringing the power of cloud-based End User Computing to the desktop by enabling employees to securely access their applications and data from any device, anytime, anywhere while enjoying the same access, security and productivity afforded in their office environment.


We make travel easier, safer, and happier by giving you a (real live) travel assistant.
Your assistant can plan, book, and handle the headaches of travel, all from your phone.

Dispersive Technologies

Imagine a world where the Internet is fast, highly secure and reliable. A world where organizations use the Internet for the most demanding mission-critical communications. A world where data-in-motion is free from middle-mile bottlenecks and man-in-the-middle attacks. A world where data-at-rest protects itself against hacks.

Dispersive Technologies is creating such a world. We’re transforming the Internet and the way organizations use it. We provide software-defined solutions that virtualize routing and data storage for IP-based networks. These solutions proactively manage connectivity that avoids congestion and thwarts cyberattacks. We produce high-performance, secure solutions that allow organizations to leverage the economics of the Internet, cloud-based services, and commodity hardware.

2014 – Winner: Remotely



Dan Daugherty, CEO/Founder
Dan Daugherty is the CEO and founder of rentbits.com, a rental solutions company and remotely.com, a home automation platform built specifically for the rental industry. Dan was an early employee at Google during which time he spent in various management positions including running the operations team for the Mountain States Region. He helped to grow the region from $1 million in annual sales to over $100 million within four years. Dan is also a Business Mentor at The Founder Institute, a business incubator and four month executive training program for new and seasoned entrepreneurs. About Remotely Remotely is home automation built specifically for the rental industry. Residents can control their entire rental unit with their smart phone. They can lock and unlock doors, control the thermostat, control lights, detect motion, moisture and more.

Slam Data

John De Goes, Co-Founder/CTO SlamData
SlamData is building the next generation analytics engine for modern data. Today data is more diverse than ever. Gone are the days of traditional relational data sitting in Oracle, MySQL or the like. Modern NoSQL datastores like MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop and more are the foundation of modern applications for the connected world. Wether it’s Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or the Internet of Things (IOT), they all rely on modern data. Unfortunately the analytics engines are still completely reliant on the traditional RDBMS model that is 40+ years old, until now! At SlamData we have re-imagined the analytics engine for Modern Data from the ground up. Using advanced mathematics and unique vision we have built the analytics engine to power the next 40 years.

Cloud Elements

Lou Salfi, VP of Revenue
Lou has experience building customer-centric sales teams in both established and emerging markets. Previously, Lou held senior-level sales and operations positions at Blazent, Vitria and Computer Associates. He graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a BA in Journalism and Marketing. About Cloud Elements Cloud Elements is a cloud API integration and aggregation service that developers use to integrate, monitor and maintain leading cloud services at a fraction of the cost and time. With their unique ‘one-to-many’ approach, a developer can integrate a single API to connect all the leading services in categories such as Documents, CRM, Finance and more. Cloud Elements is headquartered in Denver, CO, but serves customers worldwide.


2013 – Winner: Brandfolder



Pairin Inc.